Tips to Stay Cool

Ouch, 100 degrees in Colorado?  I’m trying to stay cool, like everyone else.   I’m too old for the kiddie pool, so I uncovered some great tips for staying cool, and saving money, too!

1)      Whenever possible, delay heat generating activities like dishwashing or laundry till evening.

2)      Keep your house closed up tight during the day.  Don’t let unwanted heat into the home.  Instead of bringing a hot car into your garage, leave it outside.

3)      Close south and west facing window blinds or curtains during the day.  Actually, keep any window that gets direct sun closed off.

4)      Make sure you’ve got a clean filter in your furnace.  Yes, central air conditioning uses the furnace blower to distribute that nice cool air.  Make sure it can move the air efficiently.

5)      Use ceiling fans or room fans to move the air.  With or without air conditioning, just the movement of air will make you feel cooler.

Let me know if any of these help you stay cool this weekend.