Selling your First House in Parker, Colorado

Doug Jones Sold Parker HomeSo you’ve been thinking about selling your home here in Parker. Seems like maybe a good time to find a deal on another home with just a little more square footage. This was your first home, and that was a huge experience. Now what?

First time selling does not have to be difficult. Not unlike when you were buying, your first step is to find a Parker Realtor who specializes in selling homes in Parker and can guide you through the whole process. It’s an education just like buying. Find a Realtor who is willing to be patient and explain the process so you understand and feel comfortable.

How about that friend who just bought a home in Boulder? Didn’t she like her Realtor? Selling your Parker home is not like selling a loft in Downtown Denver, or like selling a ranch in Kiowa, and certainly not like selling a home in Breckenridge. There are differences to each market, and it pays to use a Realtor who specializes in selling your house in Parker, Co.

Use an agent who lives and works in Parker. When a buyer calls and wants to see your home, you want someone to show and sell them your home so you can move on. If the agent is across town, do you really think they will drive that far just to show your house? Does that agent know anything about the schools, Parker Recreation, or the local businesses?

For more information, feel free to call or email me. I’ve been helping sellers for over 20 years, and I’m never to busy to answer your questions.