Video Introduction

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Trends for 2016

Gone but not forgotten are the avocado kitchens, the carpeted bathrooms and the sponge-painted walls. I’ll bet that some of you are still rocking one of those beloved trends in your home. You know who you are. But 2016 home trends are more on the clean living side. There are … [Read more...]

Welcome to Parker

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How To Buy And Sell In A Hot Market

I’ve heard from many families who are ready to move, but in this market they are concerned about putting their home on the market for sale. “What if you sell my home and I can’t find another home? I don’t want to be homeless!” Here are a few possible solutions for you to … [Read more...]

Has the Real Estate Market Peaked Again?

I’ve heard this question from several people recently.  Could it be true? The recent run up in prices has brought us back to pre recession levels.  So what now?  Crystal balls are always a little hazy, but here is a little historical perspective. I’ve seen several of these … [Read more...]